Thursday, December 2, 2010

CLMPS 2011 Newsletter - Program & Deadline extension

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Dear subscriber of the LMPS newsletter:

The programme of invited speakers, special sessions and plenary lectures

is now (essentially) complete. We have done our best to meet the high
standards one can expect of LMPS congresses.

However, the congress lives on both the invited and the contributed
papers, and we hope for very good submissions in addition to the invited


In order to allow authors to use the full winter break for the
preparation of their contributions, we have decided to extend the
deadline for all contributions (individual papers, symposia proposals
and affiliated meetings) by one month. The deadline for submissions is
now 31 January 2011. The remaining schedule remains unchanged. In
particular, notification of acceptance will be not later than 31 March

For further information, please visit the Congress' website at:

With best wishes,

Peter Schroeder-Heister
Gerhard Heinzmann
Pierre-Edouard Bour

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