Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FW: Alea Jacta Est?

3 recent pieces from my HUMAN ANGLE Monday op-ed column in PostNoon newspaper:

- Charles Taylor's Crimes
(On the first due process conviction of a Head of State for Crimes against Humanity)

- Sending India to School
(On Litigation in the Supreme Court of India questioning the constitutionality of the Right to Education Act)

- Alea Jacta Est?
(Is the die Caste? On Rahul Gandhi's declaration that he is a Brahmin)

Other recent articles in PostNoon: 

I was asked by some friends if the articles could be reproduced or translated: I would be honored if a Humanist point of view is so disseminated, and the Newspaper has confirmed that it has no problem so long as credit is given to it as follows: First published in PostNoon Newspaper  www.postnoon.com

I would, of course, value any comments or criticism.

best regards, and good wishes,


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